As believers, we have a tendency to solely focus on the mountain tops—the good moments, the season where everything goes right. But that’s the thing; it’s just a ​season.​ Just as the mountain top is a season, so are the valleys—the low moments where the attack against you has been specifically made to take you out. Don’t be discouraged that others aren’t struggling with the same thing—that’s not ​their ​battle. But even though there is a tailor made attack for you, fear not because there is also a tailor made plan to get you through it.

We have to understand that whether or not we believe that God is in the valley does not actually dictate his presence in it. ​He is there! ​He is omnipresent—everywhere at once and with you always!​ ​​We must acknowledge and be prepared for the valleys to come while we’re on the mountain tops. If you don’t understand that He is the God of the hills ​and ​the valleys, you will give up when you’re going through the low moments. Hills and valleys are the rollercoaster of life. Let’s just lift our hands and ride out this bumpy, loopy, crazy life because joy ​will ​come in the morning!


  1. Are you currently walking through a valley, or a mountain top?
  2. What are ways you’ve learned to find joy in the valley?
  3. What are some fruits you’ve seen or are believing for while in the valley?
  4. Have you ever found yourself discouraged when you find someone else isn’t going through the same battle as you, or frustrated when you see someone else’s battle?

Devotional for September 17, 2018

October 24, 2018

October 24, 2018

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