At some point, we all find ourselves having to face some extremely tough decisions in life—even some really small decisions that may seem meaningless to you but will play a role in determining your future. If you find yourself in the valley of decisions, fear not, there are many ways to navigate this!

Life is the sum total of all of our decisions. You are who you are based on the decisions you make in the life that you’ve been handed. You are not what you’ve been given rather, you are how you use w​ hat you’ve been given. ​Focus on the big picture;​ not every open door is from God and not every closed door is from the enemy. The Bible says to KNOCK, and it will be opened. If you have to knock on a door for Him to open, it’s must already be closed to begin with. ​Know

your values​; how you see yourself is how others will see you. ​Recognize the snowball effect​; one bad decision will lead to many other bad decisions. On the contrary, one ​good decision​ will lead to many other good decisions! We have to create an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit is openly welcome and He will be able to guide us through life’s difficult decisions. We must take immediate​ action; if you need to make a decision today, make it ​today​! Don’t sit on it! If you’re following all of these steps and letting the Holy Spirit guide you, the decision should be loud and clear! Take heart in knowing that a right decision will lead you to positivity, but acknowledging a wrong decision and getting back in tune with Him will lead you right back to a clean slate!


  1. Are you currently in the valley of decisions?
  2. Have you seen “the snowball effect” in decision making take place?
  3. Have you ever lost sight of your values? If so how did that affect your ability to make good decisions?
  4. Have you ever sat on a decision you were supposed to make quickly, and the moment passed you by?

Devotional for October 1, 2018

October 24, 2018

October 24, 2018

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