The Valley of Dry Bones

Are there negative circumstances in your life that weigh you down? Have you had them in your life for so long that you finally learn to just live with them? Well, you may be walking through the valley of dry bones but have hope because God has a plan for us even in the valley. Trust that there is freedom when we understand and acknowledge why and how we got in this valley in the first place!

God will allow us to wander into valleys. Sometimes when we’re there, we may feel like it’s the enemy’s plan for our lives or that God has just dropped us in the valley. The difference between

God “dropping” you and God “placing” you in the valley of dry bones, however, is that ​dropping is careless but ​placing​ is intentional. But God is so careful and intentional with his placement of your life! For some reason, the valley gives us the foggy memory that God has never been there. We have to learn how to seek him and find joy in the valley! Some of us get to a place of safety and comfortability in the temporary place of the valley. We learn to live with and drag around the dead bones.

God said SPEAK to your dry bones. Your bones aren’t going to get better unless you start speaking to them. You can’t talk death and reap life! You reap life when you sow life. You have to SOW what you want to REAP. We have this attitude of pride when it comes to talking to the dry bones around us, not wanting to speak out loud to anger, depression, anxiety, fear, and speak JOY over them. The enemy understands the power of our words over ourselves; that’s why it’s SO hard to speak out over our own circumstances. This valley can be mentally difficult to get out of, but take heart knowing that HE placed you in it and that all it takes is speaking life to the dry bones!


  1. Have you ever been placed or are you in the valley of dry bones?
  2. Have you learned to live with any “dry bones” eg. illness, fear, relationships.?
  3. Have you ever had a moment where it was easier to pray over someone else’scircumstances than to pray for your own?
  4. How can you practically speak to your dry bones, what would that look like?

Devotional for October 15, 2018

October 24, 2018

October 24, 2018

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